Friday, November 28, 2014

Bahamas Rounds Up Illegals

The Bahamian government rounds up illegal immigrants:

"The fact is that illegal migration is a huge problem for us," Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell said in a recent interview. "We spend enormous resources for it. It is a drain on our social services, health care and education and we need to get the matter under control."

Illegal immigration is also a huge drain on US social services, health care, and education. So what did we do about it? Make them legal and encourage even more illegals to come here.

Why? To bust unions, destroy the US middle class, and make the population easier to rule. Make no mistake, the powers that be are going to bring the US population to it knees, one way or the other.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Nuclear Missile Trains Coming Back ???

It appears that Russia may revive the concept of nuclear missile trains to counter US aggression:

Good job, Obama ad-Dajjal: you screwed up how many years of nuclear negotiations?

And please don't blame this on Chuck Hagel. Our failures come right from the top.

Don't Talk To Police

Presented without comment:

Be Thankful, Today And Every Day

Be thankful for your family.
Be thankful for your friends.
Be thankful for your tribe.
Be thankful for your community.
Be thankful for every nightfall.
Be thankful for every sunrise.
Be thankful for every heavy cloud.
Be thankful for every clear sky.
Be thankful for the young innocence.
Be thankful for the aged wisdom.
Be thankful for the pure air we breathe.
Be thankful for the clean water of the Tao River.
Be thankful for the flow of the process through which life ebbs.
Be thankful for the wave pulled in by the tide.
Be thankful for the sand carried out to sea.
Be thankful for the honey stored in the hive by the bee.
Be thankful for the nectar of the flower.
Be thankful for the pillow upon which you rest your head and sleep.
Be thankful for the clothes that offer warmth in the winter.
Be thankful for the naked sweat of summer’s swelter.
Be thankful for the music of the spheres which raises the vibration of your spirit.
Be thankful for the consciousness with which your flesh is ensouled.
Be thankful for the lessons of life that you are given to learn.
Be thankful for the opportunities.
Be thankful for the challenges.
Be thankful for the trials, tests and tribulations through which the possibility for progression, evolution, development, maturity and growth are presented.
Be thankful for the lofty heights.
Be thankful for the lowly abyss.
Be thankful for the perfect balance of the middle path.
Be thankful for those who have been saved from suffering and sorrow by finding the key to a song of serenity.
Be thankful unto The Lord.
Be thankful for the vegetables and fruits that resonate with life-energy and assimilate into your electrically charged being.
Be thankful for the teachers who are humble in the dissertation of their heartfelt lectures.
Be thankful for the gravity which holds the material world in form and place.
Be thankful for the one-pointedness of space and time in which the Infinite and Eternal Nature of the spiritual dimension of reality is manifested and made known.
Be thankful for the memories of the past.
Be thankful for the future pretense.
Be thankful for the present moment in which the Nowness of the entirety of life is centered in the circle of cyclical experience.
Be thankful for the healing power of Forgiveness.
Be thankful for the magic of Unconditional Love.
Be thankful for the miracle of Awakened Consciousness.
Be thankful for the jeweled web of interconnected synchronicity.
Be thankful for the angles which coincide at a Divine Degree.
Be thankful for the Angels.
Be thankful for the Animals.
Be thankful for the alchemical procedure through which the two are made one.
Be thankful for the wedding from which emerges the fully realized potential of the Human Being.
Be thankful when departing from those you care for; be not sad.
Be thankful when reuniting with those you hold dear; rejoice and be glad.
Be thankful for your eyes and the sights that are seen.
Be thankful for your ears and the sounds that are heard.
Be thankful for the vision behind your eyes and the Humming Frequency between your ears which reveal the higher senses of truth.
Be thankful for the chirping of the birds that calls you forth from slumber when the time to awaken has arrived.
Be thankful for the violin orchestra of the crickets that soothes you into sleep when the need to rest arises.
Be thankful for the candle’s light which guides you out from a cave of darkness.
Be thankful for the moon whose face reflects the glowing prophecy of a New Dawn.
Be thankful for the stars and the intensity with which they shine.
Be thankful for the passion and inspiration through which imagination is brought to life by a Creative Design.
Be thankful unto The Lord.
Be thankful for the rhythmic beat to which vibrations dance in harmonic geometric patterns.
Be thankful for the three points of the triangle: body, spirit and mind.
Be thankful for the boxed squareness of the cube.
Be thankful for the curved shape of the cylinder which acts as an attracting funnel to spiral cascading energy toward cohesion at a vortex.
Be thankful for the place of nexus where all forces are compressed in a unified singularity of Oneness.
Be thankful for the formula by which all equations and theories are synthesized at a resonance of collective connectivity.
Be thankful for the nest in which all variables rest in embedded peace.
Be thankful for the house which bars none.
Be thankful for the castle whose doors are ever open.
Be thankful for the kingdom in which no hierarchy reigns, but where every soul exists as a shard from the same holographic whole.
Be thankful for the gatekeeper whose heart is large.
Be thankful for the farmer whose fields are full.
Be thankful for the carpenter whose hammer is steady.
Be thankful of the Phoenix, who, for the rise, is ever ready.
Be thankful for the moneylender whose generosity is rich.
Be thankful for the prophet who is wealthy with wisdom.
Be thankful for the margin by which a profiteering spirit is lifted.
Be thankful for the shamanic oracle whose liquid crystal visions foretell the coming of a Golden Age of Awakening.
Be thankful for the White Wall upon which all color has come together in confluence to create an environment of unlimited, endless and infinite possibilities.
Be thankful for the Eternal Truth that is etched upon the canvass of your heart by an Awesome Blessing through a brush stroke of Grace.
Be thankful unto The Lord.
Be thankful for the psalms of selah.
Be thankful for the humility of surrender through which the empowerment of courage is received.
Be thankful for the intuition of God’s Guidance that is generated through intention within your guts.
Be thankful for the tranquility of silence in which the still, small voice within can find calmness and peace to sound out in speech.
Be thankful for the symphonic opera whispered into existence through the first breath of the Maestro.
Be thankful for the Festival where energy concentrates its gathering force.
Be thankful for the Natural Tao Order of life’s winding course.
Be thankful for the Heavens and the rain from which there pours.
Be thankful unto The Lord.

Thus sang Numa as a song of Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Who Is Lying About The Temple Mount ???

Here is a good report about the reality of life in Jerusalem and the status of the Temple Mount / Noble Sanctuary:

If you think Israel is going to maintain the status quo, you are brain dead. They intend to expand themselves into "Greater Israel", and there is nothing status quo about that.

Does Fracking Cause Earthquakes ???

This report directly links the process of hydraulic fracturing to earthquakes:

The US apparently is in a battle with Saudi Arabia to see who can produce more oil and gas. Let's compare the two:

  • Some Saudi oil can be produced for $4 per barrel, while new US exploration, drilling, and production may not be profitable when oil drops below $80 per barrel.
  • Pumping oil in the Saudi desert does not threaten their potable water supplies, while fracking in the US frequently goes through fresh water aquifers.

This is a battle we cannot win, since every new well is like a shot in the foot. And if it goes down the way it did last time, lots of US companies are going to lose their shirts:

Ferguson, Sherman, And Dred Scott

The city of Ferguson, MO is not far from Saint Louis, MO.

Two famous Americans are buried in the Calvary Catholic Cemetary in Saint Louis: General William Tecumseh Sherman and former slave Dred Scott. Sherman's grave is on the high ground of the cemetery, while Scott's is on the low ground:

Sherman, as you know, was a famous Civil War general who was one of the strongest advocates of total war. Scott was a slave who sued for his freedom and the freedom of his family, but who was told by the court that he had no standing to bring such a suit.

Interestingly, the courthouse where Scott first brought his suit stands just to the west of the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis and the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial which is beneath the arch:

When it was suggested that Sherman run for President, he said "I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected." If Sherman had been elected, that apparently would have made him the first Catholic President. Instead, John Kennedy became the first (and only) Catholic President, and we all know what happened to him. Did Sherman know something about the US deep state that we don't know?

Sherman was given the honor of being allowed to officially designate the site of the so-called Statue of Liberty (a.k.a. The Mother Of Harlots), so I suspect he knew quite a bit of what the US deep state was all about: