Monday, September 1, 2014

FBI Still Disconnecting OKC Bombing Dots

Here is a recent report on efforts to get the FBI to admit that Tim McVeigh was assisted by at least one accomplice when he parked his truck bomb outside the Murrah Building in OKC. Apparently the FBI intimidated one of its own agents who was scheduled to testify in the matter:

He was told he should take a vacation and that if he did testify he should suffer from a case of the "I don’t remembers”.


I have followed this issue for quite a while, and the available evidence suggests that the FBI confiscated and hid all the surveillance tapes in OKC because at least one of them shows "John Doe No. 2" and may also show that there were explosives inside the building which detonated after the truck exploded.

Jesse Trentadue is no "conspiracy theorist". He is a rational person who has discovered that his government is lying.

Images From Great Depression And WPA

Great photo essay for Labor Day 2014:

Note well that back then the US government at least did something for We The People. Today all its efforts are directed toward enrichment of bankgangsters, corporations, and their accomplices in the one percent.

Realistically, "labor" has been reduced to "slavery" on a global basis.

Let Them Eat The Rich !!!

Here is a very worthwhile critique of the US non-economy and the American nightmare:

For decades the American middle class bought into a plethora of Ayn Rand-inspired notions regarding their economic strategy. Keep your head down, plow money into your 401K and get to work on time. If you did these things, you could count on Wall Street money shufflers and their corporate “job creator” tentacles to lift your little life raft with their graft-ridden blood-soaked tide.

It was a formula predicated on endless resource wars in faraway lands, a necessary scorn for the poor, an infatuation with the wealthy and the shutting down of one’s humanity.

Reinforced by a barrage of propaganda from corporate media, the sharecropper climbers embraced their treadmill, sure that one day they would reap the spoils of the class war which the bankers have waged against workers for centuries.

The price of admission to this fairy tale was steep - they checked their souls at the door. They were no different than those corrupt Congressmen they loved to bash before promptly re-electing, no different from the suits at Goldman Sachs who made a living destroying countries with 401K proceeds. They were bought and paid for. They were part of the problem.

Unemployment and underemployment are chronic. Poverty is at its highest level since 1993. Unions have never been weaker. Concentration of economic power continues at record levels. Not content with the Henry Ford model of capitalism – pay your workers a decent wage and they will be able to buy your product – a new class of parasitic financiers has emerged.

They make their living not by creating jobs, but by destroying them. They hold no loyalty to country, moving their sweat shops to China and their money to Dubai or Switzerland. They justify their greed through fronts like the Tea Party, which spews out all manner of tired Frederick Hayek, Chicago-school dogma – deployed since their guru Reagan began gutting this country’s economy for his bankster directors.

Any sentient being, having done such grave harm to others, would say they were sorry. Instead, these psychopaths blame the other guy and continue to push their failed dogma. The race to the bottom is nearly run.

One cannot compromise with village idiots. Throw an insane person a bone and they will chew off your leg. A deep-seated self-hatred – encouraged by their trillionaire banker handlers – drives these emotional infants to Puritanical notions that We the People don’t deserve a good life. We deserve suffering, sacrifice and hardship, just like Big Daddy IMF says.

And that is exactly where we are headed.

Eat the Rich!

Barry's Gitmo Horseshit

Supposedly, the President is having a difficult time closing our torture prison and death camp at Guantánamo Bay:

Although President Obama pledged last year to revive his efforts to close Guantánamo, his administration has managed to free just one low-level prisoner this year, leaving 79 who are approved for transfer to other countries. It has also not persuaded Congress to lift its ban on moving the remaining 70 higher-level detainees to a prison inside the United States.

Q: Why is it that Obama ad-Dajjal can find a thousand ways to avoid enforcing federal laws but somehow finds the laws about Gitmo to be sacrosanct?

A: Because he is a CIA creation and sock puppet.

And here's how they control him:

(1) Using the control mechanism surgically planted in his head:


(2) Through blackmail:

All kidding aside, this is why Presidents should NOT be allowed to have secrets: the unrevealed secrets / unresolved issues make them susceptible to blackmail.

DO NOT EVER AGAIN elect a President who keeps his or her background documents a secret.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Barry's Brain Surgery ???

Here's a 3 year old story I missed - unusual scars on Obama ad-Dajjal's head suggest he has had brain surgery:

Maybe he's just a remote-controlled robot.

Who do you suppose operates the controls?

United Against ISIS

ISIS has produced some strange bedfellows in the Middle East:

Check it out.

Strange Claims About The First Family

First there was the claim that the President was born in Kenya:

Then there was a claim that Michelle is a trannie:

And now there is a claim that their daughters were adopted (which more or less goes along with the claim about Michelle):

Considering how phony these people are, none of this surprises me.