Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gaza: Two Extremes

Here is the Moshe Feiglin plan for Gaza. To me it appears to say, "Drive them out into the desert; kill the ones who resist":


Here is a "rational" opposing view of what should be done. It appears to say, "Punish the Israeli criminals":


Which of these two extremes is closest to your beliefs?

Q: If Israel's "claim" to Gaza is based upon the Bible, does that mean that the Torah, Bible, and/or Koran have now replaced international law? If Israel is a theocracy, are we in the End Times? And if we are, what do Christians have to say about this?

A (to the 3rd Q): All the real Christians are dead. We won't hear from them until the final trumpet blows. In the meantime, the Israelis are going to kill a lot of people and cause even more to be killed. And international law is not going to do a damn thing to stop them. On the contrary, it appears to be doing everything it can to facilitate the killing.

Q: Where is G-d in all of this?

A: Beats the hell out of me.

Q: Where is Moshiach, Jesus Christ, or the Mahdi in all of this?

A: I don't see any of them in all of this, yet. But we shall see one or more of these three very soon. And I predict that most of you are not going to like it.

EMP: Friend Or Foe ???

Here is a report which contains part of a warning from Mr. Paul Singer of Elliot Management:


I sincerely hope that we are never subjected to a large electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from any source. I also sincerely hope that no person will ever even consider initiating such a thing.

But we really should ask, "exactly what or whom is EMP a danger to?"

  • It threatens wealth, and Mr. Singer is a very wealthy man.
  • It threatens robots and other technologies which have taken our jobs and turned us into useless eaters.
  • It threatens the tools of spies, and there are many people spying on you.
  • It threatens the tools of liars and tyrants, and there are many liars and tyrants in government and in corporations who are trying to control your life.

If, G-d forbid, we're ever subject to a large EMP, let's use the event as an opportunity to reset our world. Let's put people over profits. Let's put human values over corporate values and machine intelligence. Let's feed Main Street, and to hell with Wall Street.

Heck, EMP just might be the best thing that could ever happen to us. It would disconnect us from the matrix, and give us an opportunity to reconnect with each other.

What's wrong with that?

Leave Israel Alone ???

The Israelis have told Obama ad-Dajjal to leave them alone:


I think that's a very good idea:
  • Stop giving them bullets
  • Stop giving them bombs
  • Stop giving them planes
  • Stop giving them free intel
  • Stop giving them food
  • Stop giving them medicine
  • Stop giving them our technology
  • Stop giving them our money
  • Stop giving them free air time for their lies and propaganda

Leave them alone, and they will collapse before the year is over. Then we can convene the war crimes tribunals, put NetanYahoo in the docket, and bring justice to the region.

Yes, let's just leave Israel alone. If they are G-d's chosen people, He will help them. If He doesn't, who are we to interfere?

WTF: More Bonuses For The VA ???

To add insult to injury, VA officials will be paid millions of dollars in bonuses and apparently not disciplined following the recent scandal in which veterans were left to die while waiting for treatment:

The compromise bill announced Monday by the chairmen of the House and Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committees says VA bonuses will be capped at $360 million annually for the next ten years. But that cap is just 10 percent below the $400 million in bonuses the VA has distributed in recent fiscal years, and will allow up to $3.6 billion in bonuses to be awarded over the next decade.


Does any sane person think this is a satisfactory response to what appears to be years of negligence on the part of many of these same officials?

If you are a veteran or a potential enlistee, ask yourself whether military service is still really worth it to you, to your family, or to your nation.

Q: Is the US military acting in the best interests of our nation?

A: Definitely not.

Q: Does the US military take care of its own?

A: If by "its own" you mean boot-licking, double-dipping colonels and generals the answer is a resounding yes. If you mean the rank and file cannon fodder who have born the brunt of all our battles, the answer is a resounding no.

Q: Then what the hell are we doing this for?

A: Damned if I know. I think I'll go back and re-read War Is A Racket. Perhaps Smedley Butler can answer that question.

Just Another Rich Bootlicker

Apparently Ms. Hillary Rodham (a.k.a. Clinton to some of you) does not want us to know how much slop she has gathered from the pig troughs of American power and glory:


That's ok, Hillary. We already have enough information to know that you're just another rich bootlicker trying to masquerade as a poor little waif.

The Big Lie, 10 Years After

Here is a good essay by James Brovard about the 9/11 Commission Report on its 10th anniversary:

“The ideal readers of The 9/11 Commission Report are those who resemble the Commission itself in believing that a strong inclination to trust the word of highly placed others is evidence of personal moral distinction.”

The 9/11 Commission also compiled ample evidence of government lying. Yet the commission effectively ignored or “rose above” all the falsehoods. There was no sense that the lies of the most powerful officials in the land posed any threat to America.

Not a single one of the top 300 American newspapers or magazines archived on the LexisNexis database commented on Zelikow’s “bacteria” and “infectious” characterization of disbelief in the government’s version of 9/11. Yet his comment sounded as if the 9/11 Commission saw itself as America’s mental-health czar. Private doubts are the bacteria, and government assertions are presumably the disinfectant. As long as people believe what the government says, no one will get sick.


At the very least, one has to admit that the 9/11 Commission did its job quite well. It successfully disconnected most of the dots which CIA, FBI, NSA, and the Bush cabinet left lying around after 9/11. In this it continued the work of the Warren Commission. Prior to any meaningful investigation, each of these commissions decided who had committed the crime, how it was done, and why. Their investigations were then tailored to confirm these initial conclusions and to discredit or destroy all evidence which might prove otherwise.

The wages of truth is death. All hail the Big Lie !!!

The Most Moral Army That Never Was

Here is a refutation by Jonathan Cook of the concept that the Israeli Defense Force is a "moral army":

Let’s not forget that the Israeli army, far from once being driven by moral ideals, began life with an act of mass ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, in 1948. It has been maintaining and expanding the cleansed zone ever since.


And here is a link to the essay he is critiquing:


In this entire charade I hear echoes of America's "manifest destiny" and "indispensable nation" fantasies. An army, any army, reflects the mores of the people who send it into the field. An honest look at the armies of the US and Israel will reveal that both are filled with butchers who are quite eager to maim and kill at the drop of a hat anyone their governments turn them loose on. And the chaplains and rabbis bless them on their way to the slaughter.

Most moral army, my ass. There is no such thing:

As soldiers and officers used to carrying out our missions without asking unnecessary questions ...

As Ms. Novak admits, they're all "just following orders".