Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Phony Democracy Of The DNC

Yesterday I commented on how the Democratic Party does NOT represent democracy in action. Here is what I said:

Today it was revealed the DNC apparently hired actors (at below minimum wage) to fill the empty seats at their "convention". You can read the accusation here:

Phony candidates, phony primaries, and a phony convention - a vote for Hillary is a vote for fraud, smoke, and mirrors.

Are you folks really that dumb?

The Impact Of Corporate Tax Avoidance

The amount of money stashed overseas by U.S. multinationals has exploded in recent years, doubling between 2008 and 2014 to more than $2 trillion.

For some perspective on the numbers, cost-estimating website crunched the most recent data and created a telling interactive chart.

Topping the list: Apple AAPL, +0.76% and its massive $181.1 billion overseas stash, a $70 billion increase from the prior year. That total corresponds to $59.2 billion in deferred taxes, which is enough to cover more than two-thirds of the federal budget for education, training and employment, according to the 2014 numbers compiled by Citizens for Tax Justice last October.

Elsewhere, General Electric’s GE, -0.37%  taxes could take care of almost 5% of our Social Security costs, while taxes from Microsoft MSFT, -0.04% had it kept its money in the U.S., could have covered a fifth of all federal spending on veteran’s benefits.

You can read the rest @

Corporations are economic traitors. We The People authorize their charters, so why aren't they paying taxes? Because "our" Congress works for them, not for us.

Hint: Hillary likes this situation, Trump does not. Who's the fascist?

Estonian Delivery Robots In Austin, TX ???

I haven't seen one of these yet, but I probably will soon:

The robots look like coolers on wheels and they don't quite have names yet but the company is called Starship.

"Starship Technologies have created the world's first commercially available autonomous delivery robot," said Starship's Henry Harris-Burland.

You can read the rest @

Starship Technologies has offices in Estonia and the UK:

So, here in the Texas version of Silicon Valley we soon will have a FOREIGN company delivering stuff to us. That's just great - not only will they take away more of our jobs, the money they earn may leave the country. What kind of an economic plan is that?

By the way, how much you want to bet that delivery drones and robots will be used to transport illegal drugs? It's almost a certainty. Whether they do or not, expect lots of them to be hijacked by some of the desperate people they have put out of work.

Worse Than Iran-Contra

A few days ago it was revealed that a US general apparently helped facilitate the coup attempt in Turkey. You can read about it here:

Now it has been revealed that another US general has been helping Ukraine to obtain weapons:

Working with dubious sourcing, a group close to NATO's chief military commander Philip Breedlove sought to secure weapons deliveries for Ukraine, a trove of newly released emails revealed. The efforts served to intensify the conflict between the West and Russia.

You can read the rest @

We may have foolishly believed that following the Iran-Contra scandal the US government would not do things like this. Apparently we were wrong.

Do We The People really want loose cannons like these two generals, with or without White House approval, to help overthrow the governments of sovereign nations and/or threaten to start a war with a nuclear armed former superpower? I know I don't; what about you?

If Hillary is going to carry on Obama ad-Dajjal's political legacy, we can expect more of this crap in the future. If you want to avoid a nuclear war, PUT HER AND HER MINIONS IN JAIL !!!

Your life may depend on it.

Is Trump's Request Really That Shocking ???

Some "experts" are "shocked" that Trump has suggested Russia could provide the missing Hillary emails. You can read about it here:

Is his suggestion really that "shocking"? Consider this:

*"Our" leaders tell us lie after lie. We only learn the truth when people like Assange, Snowden, and Manning tell us.

*We cannot depend on the State Department for information. It allowed Hillary to hide and then to destroy her emails, both of which appear to have been illegal actions. And it is still dragging its feet on the remaining email requests.

*We cannot depend on the IRS to investigate the Clinton Foundation. It destroyed the records related to its mishandling of tax exempt status requests for conservative groups, and the head of the IRS has been threatened with impeachment.

*We cannot depend on the FBI and/or DOJ to properly investigate Hillary's crimes or to recommend an indictment following their investigation.

*The Russians have tried to help us before (e.g., warning us about Tamerlan Tsarnaev prior to the Boston Marathon bombing), but the FBI ignored their warnings. The Russians have proven themselves to be more reliable than our own security services.

*Recent events have demonstrated that Putin is one of the few remaining trustworthy leaders in the world. He is more likely than Obama ad-Dajjal to tell us the truth.

*Obama ad-Dajjal and Hillary both have used our enemies (e.g., Muslim extremists) to do their dirty work. So what's wrong with Trump using people who should be our friends (i.e., the Russians) to root out corruption and criminality within our own ranks?

The Russians are in a position to do an immense service for We The People - to help us uncover the things evil people in our government have been doing. It is clear that the US government cannot investigate itself and that it is covering up the apparent criminality of both the Clintons. Hillary cheated to get the nomination; I see no reason why Trump should not take extreme measures to counter her cheating.

I applaud Mr. Trump for taking extraordinary measures to get to the bottom of this controversy. And should the Russians come forward and help us, We The People and all the people of the world will owe them a debt of gratitude.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What Is The Penalty For Misusing Government Resources ???

Military officials have relieved a senior officer from a key post in Europe after determining he had misused government resources while having an extramarital affair, the Army has confirmed.

You can read the rest @

I guess that is OK, but what about these two misusers of public resources?

*Bill Clinton, who misused the resources of his office to have affairs with several women who were not his wife?

*Hillary Clinton, who apparently misused the resources of her office to have a years long excellent adventure of global scope with her body servant Huma?

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority.”
Lord Acton

The same principle applies to women in power. Perhaps even more so, since they can level the charge of "misogyny" to thwart all their critics and literally get away with just about any crime they wish.

Was LUCA Our Common Ancestor ???

Scientists think they have discovered Earth's original life form. You can read about it here:

The planet we live on is home to an estimated 10 million species of living organisms. Hard as it may be to fathom, the immense diversity of life we see around us today - from the bacteria living in the garden soil to the majestic blue whale inhabiting the deep blue seas - all evolved from one single-celled ancestor that lived, and died, billions of years ago.

In a paper published Monday in the journal Nature Microbiology, researchers have described, in unprecedented detail, this Last Universal Common Ancestor, or LUCA, which was only “half alive.” This ancestor - a single-cell, bacterium-like organism - is believed to have existed roughly four billion years ago, when Earth was just over 500 million years old.

LUCA, the researchers say, was the common point of origin for three great domains of life - bacteria, archaea, which are bacteria-like single-cell prokaryotes, and the eukaryotes, a domain that includes all plants and animals.

You can read the rest @

Hmmm ...